Translation Terms and Conditions

Translation Terms and Conditions

We have been delivering accurate translations for documents, websites and software since 2001 and over time we have improved our translation process in order to provide better and faster services. We have also improved our ways of communication with the clients, so all instructions are clear before the beginning of the project, which leaves less room for errors during the translation. Along with that, we have also edited our translation terms and conditions in order to allow clients more time to complain about a translation after the project has been completed and delivered.

accurate translations

Accurate translations every time

At Universal Translation Services, we keep our work transparent and elaborate the details to the client before the order is confirmed. When the client is briefed about price quote we also make sure that the policies of our services are also explained. We don’t hide anything in terms of work. We begin the task when the client is totally satisfied with what they are ordering and how it will be handled and we also put forth all the details of how they can contact us back in case of any problem after the translation is delivered to them.

We now allow through our translation terms and conditions clients much more time to complain about a project, and we have made this change because we want our clients to be happy with the services they receive from us. And there are several reasons to do this: a happy client will always get back to us if they need more translations done, a happy client may refer us to his friends and family, and so on. Keeping our clients happy is our main concern, and in the end it is a win-win situation for both clients and us as a company.

Despite using the best translation process steps, errors may still appear every once in a while, not necessarily from our side, but also from client side, like non-detailed instructions, or text not in its final form. While measures are in place and translators can always communicate with the clients through our project managers, issues may still appear. Any of our clients has the right to get back to us with complaints, weeks after the project has been delivered.

We do our best to provide accurate translations so the client doesn’t have to face problems later, but in case a client feels the translation isn’t what he expected, he can always get in touch and we will have the project re-opened and work on it until the client is happy.

Our Aim? Deliver High Quality Translations!

We don’t leave a job unfinished, ever. If the client is not happy, we will re-open his project.

As a client, you have the right to complain about the translation you received from us. Since our aim is to deliver high quality translation services, our translation terms and conditions allow you to complain about the translation within 10 days.

How do we proceed when a complaint is received?

  • the project manager re-opens the project
  • the translator and the proofreader are contacted
  • they acknowledge the complaint
  • the translator makes corrections
  • the proofreader checks the translation
  • our Q&A team runs a final check of the translation
  • the file is sent to the client for approval
  • the client approves the translation
  • the project is closed
  • the client is happy with our work!
Translation Terms and Conditions
translation complaint

Client Complaint

In some cases, the client may have complaints or observations in regards to our translation. In this case, the project is re-opened.

correction of translation

Corrections are Made

A translator and a second proofreader are assigned again to the project and they will make the necessary corrections to the translation.

client approves the translation

Client Review

Once the corrections are done, our Q&A team checks the translation, then the client is asked to review and approve the translation.

the client is happy with the translation

Happy Client

Once all issues are addressed and the client has approved the translation, the project is closed. The client is happy with the translation.

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Our translation terms and conditions

Our clients receive our translation terms and conditions along with the quote.

If they accept the quote, they also accept our terms of service as clearly stated in the quote.

We don’t hide our translation terms and conditions. We are transparent in our work, and since our clients are our most precious assets, they need to be informed about our conditions before accepting our quote. Therefore, when a client asks for a quote, an email is sent to them with our rates and delivery date. The email also contains a link to our terms and conditions, which you can find here. The client gets to see our translation terms before accepting the quote, and once he accepts the quote, he also agrees to abide by the terms of service.

Our translation terms and conditions are always available on our website and can be accessed at any time by our clients. We do our best to be open to our clients in regards to every step the document needs to go through until the translation is in its final form and delivered. We also offer free support after the delivery, and we can always be contacted online, where we are available around the clock, or in person by visiting our translation offices in Aventura and Miami.

Read our terms and conditions in pdf format here!

Friendly translation terms and conditions

Our projects are, first of all, lined up very carefully. On our part, we take full care of the task and don’t let any errors appear. But if after the review of text carried out by the client, the client is not satisfied with the outcome, we will always reopen the project. According to our translation terms and conditions, the client is given a 10 days’ time to reach us back.

If client complaints about any problem about the translation, it is taken into consideration immediately. The project manager reopens the project and contacts the proofreader and the translator to recheck and work again on the concerns of the client. We just don’t leave our clients helpless in the middle of the tasks and we truly believe that communication can solve all problems. So we really appreciate it if you have a problem and you contact us back.

Once corrections are made, the document is then sent again through the same procedure to the client and the client reviews it again. When the entire task is completed and our customers have no more complaints, we are as satisfied as our clients are. Because we work hard for customer satisfaction and we make sure that such errors don’t come up again. We believe that the only thing that kept us functional throughout our journey is our aim to gain more and more satisfied clients around the globe. It feels great to get more work from the same clients, which is always happening because of both the way we treat our customers as well as due to the quality of the services we provide.

our translation terms and conditions


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